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For India’s imperiled apes, thinking locally matters

Northeastern India is home to two ape species: eastern and western hoolock gibbons. Populations of the gibbons are both protected and harmed by practices and beliefs specific to the human communities with whom they share their habitats. The fortunes of different gibbon populations shows that there is no one-size-fits-all conservation strategy for apes.

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The Fire-Fighting Children Of The Khasi Hills And The Decline Of Traditional Farming In North-East India

Smoke hangs in the cold air. Around another winding turn on the road, a fire in the forest comes into sight. A local farmer is burning the undergrowth of the land he owns, employing the traditional slash-and-burn cultivation method…As I stop to watch the fire spread through the forest undergrowth – a spectacular sight – the children come and join me. Only later do I realise that they were not just playing around: they were there as fire-fighters.

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